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Adventure Trans Himalayan Treks & Expeditions (P) Ltd. is a government registered and one of the leading Travel Company in Nepal. The company were established in 2010 with the an objective of providing best contribution in

tourism industry and we have been organizing different kind of activities in the himalaya countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, India(Ladakh,Sikkim) and Tibet. Including Trekking, Peak climbing, Mountaineering and cultural Sightseeing. Besides above activities we also organize Mountain flight, helicopter Safari tours, hotel bookings and many more.

On a Adventure Trans Himalayan,s adventures you can expect good value, quality service, active, expedition style adventure trip experience on all the above addressed countries. Since the span of time we are able to receive 100% satisfied customers feedback which is one of our biggest achievements. We are seriously service oriented organization and we work for the customers and their satisfaction and which is our biggest profit! Within a cluster of travel agencies in Nepal, ATH tended to unique and create its own identity among the customers from all over the world with its remarkable service.

Adventure Trans Himalayan comprises a group of high quality efficient and enthusiastic team members. There are more than 10 registered experienced trekking and mountain guides including Everest summiter with knowledge of multi linguistic and use only experienced porters. The groups of enthusiastic and highly dedicated team members work hard to give the best travel experience to the customer’s.


Nepal, being a landlocked of topographical diversities criss-crossed by great Himalayan mountains and turbulent rivers, has lapped a mosaic of diverse ethnical groups with their own individual and distinct culture and an anthropological garden where diverse races, clans, tribes and indigenous people bloom in the not-to-be-found elsewhere. Majority of people live in the open plains in south and middle hills and rocky mountains with perennial snow. Nepal's varied, most exotic and unparalleled physical and natural settings have immensely added to the cultural attributes of her people. Rising gently from the 75 m sea level to the highest peak on earth The Mt. Everest 8848.78m possessing tropical to arctic climate and vegetation and inhabiting more than 100 ethnic groups speaking over 70 languages, Nepal really stands naturally, geographically and culturally unique in the world. As the Himalayan country has varied topography and culture, the country has become a haven for repeat visitors. Considering her such unique assets, a new tourism brand of Nepal—“Naturally Nepal Once Is Not Enough” has been developed.

Established by a group of young, energetic and highly experienced and sagacious people in 2014 the Adventure Trans Himalayan aims at promoting Nepal’s “Hidden Treasures” in a sustainable manner. We are also highly conscious about the fragile mountain ecology, diverse and rich culture and their carrying capacity.

What you expect 

Having been registered with the Tourism Industry Division under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, and the Department of Industry, Government of Nepal, Adventure Trans Himalayan Treks & Expeditions P) Ltd. is committed to offering a wide variety of activities and services to our valued guests. Our proficiency and expertise lie in a number of areas such as trekking, mountaineering, expeditions River rafting, jungle safari in different National Parks, paragliding, bungee jumping, rock climbing, guided tours, heritage and historical tours, educational tours, Sun-n-Sand Tours, hotel booking, conference and seminar arrangements, car rental facilities including — AC and non AC deluxe coaches, domestic and International ticketing, film making tours and home-stay tourism. Besides, we also assist those individuals or groups who are interested to carryout their research on tourism in Nepal. Apart from this, we also arrange job placement for the volunteers who wish to render their volunteer service in Nepal.


Promoting sustainable mountain tourism by preserving our unique culture and ecology is the vision of Adventure Trans Himalayan Treks & Expeditions experts 


Promotion and development of tourism in the nation without compromising the ability of future generations is the philosophy of this agency. Moreover, it aims to achieve its goal respecting local culture, ecology and diverse flora and fauna throughout the nation.


Aiming and achieving the highest standard of tourism professionalism providing excellent services to the valued guests and generating employment opportunities to the local people through exploring viable options for maintaining sustainable tourism is the mission of this agency.


  • Establishing Nepal as one of the best 10th tourism destinations in the world is the general objective of this agency. The specific objectives include the following:
  • To promote sustainable tourism in the nation giving due consideration to the carrying capacity of the local community,
  • To organize manageable groups while arranging trekking, expedition or tour in pursuit of providing entire satisfaction to both the host communities and the tourists,
  • To establish ourselves as one of the leading promoter of sustainable and eco-tourism in the nation and to promote renewable energy use for meeting the energy demand of tourism industry in the nation.


The management team of Adventure Trans Himalayan Treks & Expeditions is innovative and dynamic personalities striving for promoting sustainable tourism in country. Some of them have completed their Master’s Degree in Travel and Tourism, others in Rural Development and the remaining in Sociology. All of the masterminds have ample years of experience in tourism practice. We deserve pride to say that we are fortunate enough to receive dignified opportunities to carryout various research works on tourism in Nepal with the invaluable support. Tourism Board (NTB), Tourism for Rural Poverty Alleviation Programme (UNDP/TRPAP) and Tribhuvan University (TU).Hence, we are committed to offer excellent service to our valued guests. Thus, we are pleased to extend our warm hospitality and expect that your stay in Nepal would be a memorable one.


Innet and heartwarming hospitality, ever smiling faces of the local people, their warmth and kindness, spectacular views of the mountain landscapes or the age-old heritage sites and the blooming rhododendrons in the lush green hills have always left everlasting and remarkable impression on visitors. Hence, ATH has been striving with the aim of showcasing the new products and promoting and developing the indigenous rich culture and, above all, promoting sustainable tourism. We are consistently working for adding more smiles on the faces of rural community people through the benefits of tourism. However, we do not compromise our quality service to the tourists

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